Quality in manufacturing

Our company "POLIKRÓM KFT" was founded in 1990 with domestic private equity with professionally trained and professional traders.

Our company deals with mechanical engineering, tool making and custom-made products.

Our main activity is plastic processing, including the production of hollow bodies, blow molding and the related caps, reducers, etc. high quality production of component parts.

Our company aims to produce quality products, so we only work from original raw materials. Due to environmental protection, we started using the white masterbatch produced from natural raw materials.

We undertake unique ideas: designing samples and designs based on small series - large series, in different colors


With extrusion, we produce over one hundred kinds of our own products in HDPE, LDPE, PP. PET

In addition, we prepare their own products with protected forms of other companies.

Our products: 

Cosmetic bottles,

Cosmetic crucibles,

Household chemical flasks,

Special fields for hollow bodies.

Capacity Range: 15ml to 1000ml.

Our machine fleet: HESTA B-33 and HESTA B-40, FULL SHINE (strip-type) blow molding machines from Germany


Our main Hungarian customers are FLORIN ZRT, KALLÓS KFT, HUNGARO CHEMICALS KFT. etc...

We export to Sweden, Germany, Austria, Romania, Slovenia.

Our factory: 2000 Szentendre, Dózsa Gy. road 26. / ÉMI Industrial park

Tel: +36-20-316-96-16   8.00- 14.00!

Offer request, order in writing ( megrendeles@polikrom.hu, ) please send!

Factory: 2000 Szentendre, Dózsa György. street 26.