We are present in the market

Polikróm Ltd. accepts orders from resellers and individuals. In the case of a kit plastic bottle, there is no minimum order quantity for our products, only the packaging should be considered.

In case of individual orders, we will give you a quotation.

Products :

Our company aims to produce quality products, so we only work from original raw materials. Due to environmental protection, we started using the white masterbatch produced from natural raw materials.

We undertake unique ideas: designing samples and designs based on small series - large series, in different colors.

With extrusion, we produce over one hundred kinds of our own products in HDPE, LDPE, PP. PET raw material.

Cosmetic bottles,

Cosmetic jars,

Household chemical bottles,

Special fields for hollow bodies.

Capacity Range: 15ml to 1000ml.

Try it yourself 

You can request free product samples to help your order.

If you would like to have 1-2 Samples to be sent to you, you will only have to pay for mail and packing